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How to allow non-administrator users to use RDP on a domain controller

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Your Windows Server 2008 is now a domain controller. Since you installed that role, you can't access the server through RDP/TSE.

Allow the users to use the service

If you are a non-administor user, you need to be authorized to use the service.

  • Run gpedit.msc
  • Browse to Computer Configuration -> Windows settings -> Security Settings -> Local policies -> User Rights Assignment
  • Edit "Allow log on through terminal services"
  • Run gpupdate /force


Log-in with the right FQDN

Prior to installing your domain controller, you could login using only your username.

Now, when connecting, use the format, or you won't be able to login.


How to enable concurrent RDP connections in XP SP2-SP3

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RDP instantly doesn't connect with no error message

Not so frequently asked questions and stuff: 

When trying to connect to a remote machine, mstsc flash and nothing happen.
Background: the remote computer is running a problematic nvidia driver.

  • Get the latest driver and hope for the problem to be solved.


  • Edit this key in the registry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

Don't forget to reoot for the change to take effect.


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